Recent Sermons

2019-10-06pm - Give God Your All (Arthur O'Hare)

2019-10-06am - Faith in God (John Baros)

2019-09-29am - Partakers of His Divine Nature (Andy Chasteen)

2019-09-22pm - Need Guidance? (Ted Joli)

2019-09-22am - Is God's Grace Sufficient for You? (John Baros)

2019-09-15pm - Purpose to Honor God (Randal Lee)

2019-09-15am - Approach the Throne of Grace (John Baros)

2019-09-08pm - Come Reason with God (Ted Joli)

2019-09-08am - Grace Greater Than our Sin (John Baros)

2019-09-01am - Cultivate Good Soil (John Musgrave)

2019-08-25am - Pray Without Ceasing (John Baros)

2019-08-18am - God is Infinitely Good (John Baros)

2019-08-11pm - Content in Christ (Arthur O'Hare)

2019-08-11am - The Price of Discipleship (John Baros)

2019-08-04pm - Jesus Opened Up the Veil (Andy Chasteen)

2019-08-04am - Got Patience? (Ted Joli)

2019-07-28pm - Eyes on the Main Objective (Sola Omolayo)

2019-07-28am - Christ's Power and Authority (John Baros)

2019-07-21pm - Keep Your Tent (Terry Ross)

2019-07-21am - Follow Christ (John Baros)

2019-06-23am - God Will Help (Ted Joli)

2019-06-16pm - God Shall Supply All Your Need (Terry Ross)

2019-06-16am - Father's Day Testimony (Al Friesen)

2019-06-16am - A Faithful Man (John Baros)

2019-06-09pm - Memorials (Randal Lee)

2019-06-09am - Empowered by the Holy Spirit (John Baros)

2019-06-02am - Are You a Blessing (Bill McKibben)

2019-05-19pm - Come to Jesus (Peter Sletmoe)

2019-05-12am - Honor Your Mother (John Baros)

2019-05-05pm - Christ Is Coming (Darrel Lee)

2019-05-05am - The Church - Part 2 (John Baros)